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Ballinasloe Panto Number 11!

18 years have passed since the wicked Gothel stole Rapunzel away from her devoted parents and
locked her away from the world in a tower hidden deep in the forest.

No longer content with causing her brother, the King, and his wife the pain of a lost daughter Gothel now has her sights set on ruling the Kingdom herself. She concocts a plan to dethrone the King and enlists the help of a pair of thieves, Quinn and Doyle in this endeavour. 

But things don’t go according to plan. A bungled burglary, followed by a rescue mission, leads to a change of heart for one of our thieves and an inevitable romance.

Can Quinn, with the help of Harold (the court jester) and Dame Trott (the King’s cook), rescue Rapunzel from the evil Gothel and return her to her parents?


It won’t be easy…


They have a number of obstacles to contend with including Buboe, Gothel’s minion, and a bunch of
ruffians know as The Undesirables, but maybe with a little help and some magic it just might be

Let’s find out!

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